Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to school outfits 2012 / video

       Here is the back to school videos my sister and I worked on, here are a few of the pictures we snapped while filming, the video explains the styles we used for back to school. I wanted to do a voice over but I don't I know how to work that on my computer yet. Instead of going for back to school outfits we decided to choose styles that way you can decide what style/look you want to go for and build up on your own. Our first style was the preppy school girl classic / Kate Middleton inspired look I just love how she's so polished and perfect and I use to actually rock that style in high school all the time. Our second look was the vintage/sweetheart look which includes floral , lace sweet and girly things like the bow I decided to add to my outfit. The third look was the Bohemian/ free spirit basically this style makes me think of patterns and colors like brown, maroon, mustard and turquoise I sort of think of a stylish hippie and I just love that look. The fourth look was our attempt at the Grunge/ edgy look when I think of Grunge studs, spikes,red,leather.denim,bulky shoes and rock t-shirts and very edgy items pop in my head. Lastly our last style was the lazy day style this was just a freebie/ wildcard we wanted to use, and yes what we are wearing on the video is what we would actually wear on a lazy day. When I'm feeling lay I love throwing on anything that is over sized or easy and flowy . So that's it I hope you guys enjoy the video subscribe if you guys have a YouTube account don't forget to subscribe and check the links below for more fun :) THANKS SO MUCH GUYS !


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