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    So I had a fellow friend and follower request the following.


        North Texas has been extremely hot this Summer and it has finally cooled down this weekend, but we have no idea for how long this nice weather will last. Obviously when you almost walk for about two miles the Texas heat still gets you. My freshmen year of college I usually went for a comfy/cute look when I debated on what to wear. My style has evolved and some things that I now wear that seem comfortable to me may not be comfortable to others. So in this blog which is one of my most lengthy in words I will explain what in my point of view are the staple pieces to be comfy yet cute.

     Shoes are a huge deal when it comes to comfort especially when it comes to walking great distances, shoes are the most important thing of the whole outfit, because in the end your feet do transport you. Hands down when my feet are super tired or I know I will have to be on my feet for a long time I tend to go for my Sperry's I honestly feel that Sperry's give the most comfort to your feet. I sell shoes and every one who is going on a trip wants a pair to take on their trip. Now that I think about it every college student who attends a big campus MUST OWN a pair of Sperry's to give their feet a break. Sneakers are also people's favorite since they are comfy and cute you can have plain white ones like I do, or get cute flower or printed ones to make an outfit pop. Loafers and sandals are a nice way to keep the feet cool and also comfy and cute since they look like less of a walking/comfort shoes. Oxford's and moccasins would also be great to keep your feet comfy. If you can handle some height small wedges would also do the trick. PS. It might be a good idea to wear the flat/supper short socks with the loafers/moccasins.

     You really want to exaggerate accessories whether it be a necklace,bracelets,hats and sunglasses. Since jewelry doesn't interfere with an outfit being comfortable or not you can just add it to your comfy outfit to make it cute and to make it stand out. I tend to go for gold jewelry or anything with colors that will stand out. My current obsession at the time are collar necklaces!

     Like I mentioned exaggerate on the accessories when you have a comfy outfit, not only does a hat complete an outfit but it also keeps the sun away from you and helps you stay cute!

      Okay now the final accessories that you cannot forget especially in this Texas heat is sunglasses/sunnies !!! Not only do they keep you trendy and cool , they also protect you eyes from the sun's rays.

      Now on to the clothes ! You should not be wearing jeans in this Texas heat !! Especially now that you go to a University that has no dress code enforced! The last time I wore pants to school was maybe January? I tend to wear dresses/shorts/skirts to death. I possibly only wear jeans on a day that I'm super tired. Other than that I wear shorts/skirts and dresses.

      When it comes to shirts you want to keep/wear very flowy fresh fabrics and also consider wearing tank tops so you can keep cool. Also t-shirts are probably the most comfortable shirts ever so cutting a t-shirt up or making it into a crop top also makes it fun and cool. So those are the basic steps/staple pieces  to staying comfy yet cute. Down here is a preview on how to make some outfits with the staple pieces that have been mentioned.

     Body con skirts can be very comfortable depending on the material they are made from. Here we have a cropped t-shirt, some sunnies,cute sandals that can be substituted for loafers/flats/sneakers and even Sperry's. Lastly a hat and belt complete the outfit. (hat can be completely optional but it's good to keep the sun away.
     (BELT: h&m, SKIRT/HAT: forever21, SANDALS: wal-mart, SUNNIES: shasa, TOP: thrifted )

       To some, shorts can be more of a comfort piece than skirts so here are some shorts paired with a nice flowy cropped tank. I added some jewelery to make it cute. Lastly I added floral print/printed sneakers since the outfit has no prints what so ever, and a cute fedora hat to stay cool.
(SHOES: payless, SHORTS: thrifted,  BELT: forever21, ACCESSORIES:charlotte russe, FEDORA:  urban outfitters)

    Here is a dressy comfy but cute ,flowy top,with a skirt and bright loafers with sunnies!
 (SKIRT:shasa, LOAFERS: tj-max, BELT: h&m, NECKLACE: the limited, TOP: thrifted)

       If you tend to feel girly which happens to me at times don't be scared to wear a comfy flowy dress, they are super cute and keep you cool from this heat. Pair this dress with some moccasins, a fedora and sunnies and you are set! (necklace can be optional)
( DRESS: thrifted, BELT/CROSS NECKLACE: f21, MOCCASINS: rack room shoes, SUNNIES: shasa, FEORA: urban outfitters)

     The last outfit ! I think a black tank top is a must its so easy to pair bottoms with it and it's comfy as well. ON THE LEFT : I paired the top with flower print shorts, a collar necklace,sunnies,brown belt and my comfort all time favorites my Sperry's! ON THE RIGHT: added some light purple shorts, white sneakers,belt sunnies and a sequins hat !
 (long cute vintage or printed long socks rolled down are acceptable and cute for example below)  So this sums up how to stay comfy yet cute ! Thanks for reading love you guys !

 (SPERRY'S: nordstrom, FLORAL SHORTS: thrifted, BELT: f21, SUNNIES/TOP/NECKLACE: charlotte russe, SEQUINS HAT: antique store, LIGHT PURPLE SHORTS: thrifted, WHITE SNEAKERS: jc penney)   ( SOCKS BELOW: f21)


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