Monday, September 26, 2011

So M's outfit consists of a cute mid  sleeve shirt in a tanish color from the lovely forever 21. Well her skirt is a nice flowery print,  its from Forever 21 about 12.99. She's wearing some cute brown sandals that IDK where they are from LOL ! I would ask her but she is in class, can't disturb her learning. :)

Okay so my outfit is plain and simple , it's a Monday , so yeah that should explain everything. Well m shirt is old, I just never wear it, but it is from Papaya, and it was actually like $15  . Um, my pants are from Image, i don't have  a lot of  pants, but I do have my favorites.  Okay so my sandals I love them  they are cute & unique. They from American Eagle , and they where $12..Lastly I bought this new back pack for school because I needed one,it was from Baker's and it was pretty pricey, but I obviously gave in because no other store had a cute backpack like the one I was looking for, so I bought for $50. . . yeah pricey.

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