Monday, September 26, 2011

This outfit is also a cheap outfit lol.Lets start I’m sure my shirt is the most expensive item well that & probably my accessories. Okay so my shirt is from Image, I honestly don’t even like that store anymore but yeah, this shirt is from there it was like $11, very cheap. Now I know my shoes don’t match, I was going to wear my thrift oxfords but I didn’t. So about these   shoes, some lady was getting rid of  old shoes one time so she gave to my mom, and my mom just had them in a closet. So when fashion sense was starting to hit me I took them and I saved them, so that’s the story about my shoes they were basically free. My shorts fit a bit big, but they were $1.97 at JCPenney, so if your lucky and look around you will find some CHEAP CUTE ! My necklace was maybe $5 I can’t really remember. You guys might think I’m cheap and stuff, but no I actually waste quite a load of money. What I’m trying to say is that you can find some super cute fashion at super affordable prices! Even those of you that don’t work, because trust me I’ve been trough that. Any way that is today’s outfit so I hope you guys liked it ! Yesterday’s will be up soon, so any suggestions let us know!

Now it’s time for M’s outfit.  Looks like we both decided to ditch the jeans today, especially with this Texas weather. So M is wearing a black classic v-neck that never gets old for just $6.99 ! Her skirt is another  proud and loud thrift item from Thrift Town, located in North Richland Hills. Obviously this outfit is super affordable too ! The most expensive piece are her shoes, got to keep it fancy ! Her shoes are from Macy’s and they were $35 , so that was basically the most expensive item out of her outfit.  Her outfit is nice and cute and of course fashionably affordable !

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